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Family owned and Operated since 1939


The Menu

BBQ Sandwiches

Pork... $4.85
Beef... $4.85
Ham... $4.85
Two Meats... $4.99
Three Meats...$5.25

Beverages (12oz)

Diet Coke...$1.98
Cherry Coke...$1.98
Root Beer...$1.98
Iced Tea...$1.98
Chocolate Milk...$2.10      
Hot Chocolate...$1.95
Bottled water...$0.47

Soup or Chili

(soup of day, call ahead)

Shakes (12oz)

*Hand Dipped*




(+$0.50 Special flavors) 

Side Orders

*Made to order*

French Fries...$1.95      

Lays potato Chips...$0.75                    

2oz cup of Relish…$0.65         

1lbs Deli tub of Relish…$5.00



Ice Cream 



Chocolate Sundae




Dine In / Take out Hours

  • Monday: 11am - 3pm 

  • Tuesday: 11am - 3pm 

  • Wednesday: 11am - 3pm 

  • Thursday: 11am - 3pm 

  • Friday: 11am - 7pm 

  • Saturday: 11am - 3pm

  • Sunday: Closed ​

15 minutes prior to closing- take outs only

(Holidays/ severe weather may affect hours)

Image by SJ Objio

Understanding our lingo- ways to order

  • Plain- No relish. Just meat and bun.

  • Dry- Juice from the meat drained, less wet.

  • Extra sauce- More relish, No extra charge on the sandwich.

  • Dipped- Top of bun dipped in the juice.

  • Wet- Extra sloppy, wet bun.

  • Two meats sandwich- Any two meats together.

  • Three meats sandwich- All three meats together.

George Buris

Who We Are

Our Roots

In 1939, Paul and Lucille Buris started selling sandwiches under the name u.s.31 Bar-B-Q. They retired in 1953 and sold the business to their son George and his wife Rosemarie. In 1963 The business moved to its present location to accommodate the widening of the causeway. Their daughter Kristi came on as general manager in 2000, 2011 she became president of the corporation and 2018 she became the sole owner with the help of her children Christopher and Kimberly as well as granddaughter Sofia (5th generation) They keep the legacy alive and moving forward. 

About Us

We slow roast our meat outside over an open flame, thinly slice it and use a sweet and tangy cabbage based relish on all our sandwiches. Created by Paul Buris and his brother in law Les in 1938, Our cozy establishment highlights our passion to bring our community a quality product at a reasonable cost, in a timely manner, with a smile in an enjoyable atmosphere. Our menu is time tested and simple, "why do a lot of things adequately when you can do a few things well?" Loved by locals and traveling foodies alike, Now is the perfect time for you to join us today.

pork bbq
outside seating
Kristi Buris
1lbs Relish
Ottawa st


Please call or visit our Facebook page.

151 W Muskegon Ave, Muskegon MI 49440


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Can you separate the meat from the bun?

Unfortunately no, we are a sandwich shop, we do not separate the meat from the bun as we have never been set up to do so. However we do allow you to bring your own gluten free bun of choice as long as its no larger than 4inches in diameter.

Do you Cater?

We no longer cater, however we can make large orders of sandwiches plain and dry with the relish on the side priced separately in an individual 2oz cup or our new 1lbs tub! please call ahead.

Do you take Debit cards or checks?

  • We accept credit /debit cards and apple pay ( 3.9% surcharge on all card transactions. )

  • No checks

Can I find the sauce anywhere else?

The only two places you can get the authentic, the one and only, the original, not a copy, is through us and our friends Harv and Matt at the Meat Block located at 2330 E Broadway Ave, Muskegon, MI. 

Our Policy

our website content is accessible and user-friendly. please call 231-722-3948  to get in touch if you have difficulty accessing our site.

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